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Three questions you should answer to position yourself as the best property developer in your area

By 5th June 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments

If your identity is not clear or recognisable, it can be detrimental to winning business from prospective clients or even getting noticed in the first place.

Familiarity is comforting to people; it keeps you fresh in their minds when either recommending to others or wanting to use your service themselves. Branding is something we hold years of experience in, whether you need a freshen-up or a complete re-brand, we can help.


Is your branding a reflection of who you are today?

Even if you’re an established and recognisable developer in your area, you should always continue to keep your branding fresh, this could mean a new brand for each development. If you haven’t refreshed or rebranded since you started your business, then you should do it now. Keeping fresh it keeps you one step ahead of the competition.


Are your services well reflected in your marketing?

As property marketers, it can be easy to market the property and forget the importance of marketing your own services. Make sure your services are clearly mapped out on your website, leaflets, brochures and even in window displays. By marketing yourself well, potential clients will see that you are a great marketer and might give you a shot.


Do you engage with your audience online?

Demography is changing and people of all ages are becoming more social media savvy. Posting your developments and keeping clients up to date on industry news is all well and good, but do you respond to comments or get involved with the conversation? Remember to engage not only on your own socials but joining local groups and conversation boards to get involved and say your piece, this will add a personal touch.