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Is print marketing still worthwhile for property businesses?

By 23rd June 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
Example of print marketing for property developer and estate agents

In the digital age, some people may think that print is dead. We’d disagree!

To have the best marketing success, it’s important to incorporate digital and print marketing as well as in-person and telephone sales techniques. For estate agents and other property businesses, print is still alive.


In 2023, it is easy to reach many consumers online, which is great for brand awareness and engagement, but how many conversions are there? Print advertisements see as high as 9% response rate, where online and social advertisements have less than a 1% CTR on average.


Estate agency customers are far more likely to reach out following the reception of a tangible piece of marketing (a letter, a brochure, even a branded pen), than they are after seeing a branded social post or online advertisement.


Trust is huge in the estate agency game, which is why tangible marketing generates more returns than intangible online adverts. The average adult in 2023 is exposed to up to 10,000 adverts a day, both on and offline. This means that when people are mindlessly scrolling through social, they don’t always take much notice of the information they see.


This is especially true in the property industry as people tend to have a nosy rather than have a real meaningful look at your content, this can plant the seed but conversions are likely to be low. When a print advertisement is physically handed to a potential client, they may be more inclined to take the next step and contact the company, this may be because they are already genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

So… What printed products should you invest in?


Business cards…

This sounds obvious but business cards are such a great way to help potential clients get to know you, making sure they have unique design will help you to stand out from the crowd.


Promo Products…

Pens, notepads, keychains and more can be handed out to local businesses or at office events and open days, although this won’t lead to direct conversions, it boosts brand awareness.


Branded folders, brochures, or flyers…

Valuation and viewing packs are super important in the property game. Its crucial to ensure that each part of your marketing packs are branded and relevant to your company or a specific development if using a different brand.


Direct mail letters…

DM has been utilised by estate agents for decades. Consumers find a connection with the sender when they open mail, especially when compared with emails. Direct mail has an approximate open rate of 90%, whereas email is as little as 20%.

It can feel a bit Big Brother is watching at first, but there are some great tools out there that can help you find the ideal property for your clients and help you DM the homeowners.



This is a super important one for estate agents too, signage is one of estate agents’ most recognizable pieces of branding, as the first thing people notice when looking to sell is for sale boards.

You should have signage in as many places as possible in your area, on your shop front, on for sale and sold signs and even on community event banners etc.


If you need help designing print marketing assets, get in touch, our designers would love to help!