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12 Marketing Tips of Christmas

By 8th December 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
12 Marketing Tips of Christmas| Tall Zebra

With the new year fast approaching we have put together 12 digital marketing tips, we’d recommend you start thinking about now, to implement in the new year. 

1. Re-define your audience 

You may think you know your audience but the data you’ve collected throughout 2022 might say differently. It’s normal for a business’s demographic to shift over time as new avenues are explored trialled & tested, you just need to keep your marketing in check & make sure it still aligns.

2. Explore more social channels 

You may have two social channels that you use as your go-to platforms, for businesses they are usually LinkedIn & Instagram, but it depends on your product or service. There may be huge potential for you to explore more socials like Pinterest, TikTok, WhatsApp for Business or Dribbble& unlock more sales. 

3. Analyse, Analyse, Analyse  

Make use of the data you collect, analyse it, & let it guide your decisions. If you don’t have HubSpot, we recommend it. It’s a great platform to sync your marketing campaigns & centralise the results. You’ll be able to cut costs on underperforming campaigns & increase the budget on the successful ones.

4. Video content is king

If you aren’t using videos, you’re missing a trick! According to HubSpot, 83% of video marketers claimed they could generate more leads with the help of videos. Relating videos not only to your products & offerings but day-in-the-life videos, tutorials & current event content can generate massive levels of engagement. 

5. Design standout content  

The average person sees 10k adverts per day. Your content needs to be unique to break the mould & go viral. Our favourite campaign this year has been Duolingo & their Dua Lipa-obsessed mascot, Duo’s, TikTok. Does it link to what they sell? Nope! Is it creative enough to resonate with someone who might download Duolingo? Absolutely! 

6. Make 2023 the year you overhaul your website 

Unless you had a new website built this year, we could guarantee you aren’t happy with it. It’s either outdated, requires new content, isn’t user-friendly, is not SEO or mobile-optimised or contains old branding. Set aside the budget & get those niggles sorted this year, done correctly, it’ll be an investment. 

7. Know when to outsource 

There are many free marketing tools on the internet including social media scheduling, email automation, SEO plugins & graphic design tools. Many of them are superb but if you are attempting to do everything in-house, you’re going to be overworked & your results poor. Sometimes you must spend smart & ask the experts.  

8. Keep trends in mind  

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of trends. We think there’s a balance between trying too hard to stay relevant by joining in every trend and specifically running with the ones that help you showcase your business in its best light and really resonate with your demographic. 

9. Don’t be all about the sale  

Harsh sales & pitches can be super off-putting. Sometimes you must put out what you want to receive, just in a different format. By writing blogs, sharing tips on socials & offering free short advice sessions to help solve people’s problems. Once they see that you’re knowledgeable they’ll be contacting you for paid work…  

10. Flaunt your USPs 

Whether it’s your website, social content, or advertising, make sure you are showing off what makes your business special this is usually a unique offering like a product nobody else offers, or a service nobody else has. By showcasing something different it makes your brand, and your USP stand out and be more memorable.

 11. Jump on the influencer marketing curve  

Influencer marketing is dominating right now. In 2021 it was reported that influencer marketing has grown into a £12.82 billion industry. Businesses are making £5.37 return on investment (ROI) for every 0.93p spent on influencer marketing. There’s a huge margin for profit! No matter your budget there’s a suitable influencer to represent you. 

12. Embrace your authentic self 

People buy from people, remove your stock imagery, use real pictures of your staff, cut the jargon, make your ‘About us’ page friendly & conversational, and redefine your identity if needs be. Social media is a great way to show off your company culture & newer channels like WhatsApp for Business are great for humanizing your brand

We hope that our marketing tips have provided you with some food for thought about how you can improve your digital marketing strategy in the new year, If you need any help with how you can put these marketing tips into practice you can contact us for a chat!