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Digital Marketing Myths, BUSTED

By 16th January 2023January 20th, 2023No Comments
Digital Marketing Myths Busted | Tall Zebra Designs

Guess what these three statements have in common:  

If a penny dropped from the empire state building, it would kill someone. 

Lighting can’t strike in the same place twice. 

Humans have 5 senses, Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, and Hearing.  

If you guessed that they’re all myths, you’re right!  


A penny thrown from the empire state building might hurt someone, but it’s unlikely it’d reach speeds quick enough to cause serious damage. Lightning can absolutely strike the same place twice, and humans actually have 9 senses!  


We’re not here to bust science myths though, here are 3 digital marketing myths that we think need busting:  


You need to be on every social media platform 


It’s not always worthwhile to spend time populating every social media platform under the sun. It can be time-consuming to create different content for each platform and then post it several separate times. It may be worthwhile, however, to set up profiles and trial each social media platform to work out which ones are going to work best for you 


Ideally, you should only give time and effort to platforms that you feel target your demographic and align the most with your clientele. Don’t be discouraged if one social network isn’t working, let it go and focus on the ones which do.  


You should appear as a professional brand in your marketing  


Whilst there is nothing wrong with being professional and using industry terminology, it’s not ideal to do this all the time as your content will appear jargon-like. The content you publish doesn’t always need to be void of personality, your brand has a voice, and it should have a personality too. Businesses that have an authentic brand personality combine their brand with their own values and traits.  


You shouldn’t be scared to show the people behind the business, the humour within the office, or links to things your office find particularly entertaining. We say this all the time, but people buy from people 


Digital marketing doesn’t need to be a priority 


A lot of businesses see digital marketing as an optional extra when in fact digital marketing is a really important tool to grow your business. It’s super common for people to search for the products or services that they need on social media and search engines, which means your business needs to be online and so does your marketing.  


If you aren’t online and aren’t prioritising digital marketing, you’re missing a big opportunity to reach people when they’re researching companies that sell similar products or offer similar services to you. It’s never too late to develop a proper digital marketing strategy so get started now!  


If you need help with digital marketing, get in touch! We’d love to help.